Sorting Machine

As India’s production of FnV grows to new highs every year, its consumption remains low due to lack of modern infrastructure in the post-harvest stage of agriculture. Proper grading and sorting of FnV can increase its shelf life while also increasing its value realization for all elements of the Agri-supply chain by 30%. Manual labour, old trade techniques can’t keep up with the supply chain anymore.

Agrograde machine is a one-of its kind multi grade multi commodity optical sorting machine for fruits and vegetables. This machine is capable of sorting various fruits and vegetables into different grades based on its physical parameters viz. size, shape, colour and defects using AI powered vision system. With its patent pending* process, the machine has the capability to sort without damaging the product. Useful for various Supply chain Aggregators, Big traders and Online marketplace sellers.

Why Agrograde

We are an Agritech startup providing solutions to improve the marketability of fruits and vegetables using Artificial Intelligence based grading and sorting.

Complete Automatic

No manual subjectivity in sorting. Everything is automatic to achieve greater accuracy.

AI Based Sorting

Uses AI powered vision-based system, hence no damage to produce during sorting.

Higher Effeciency

Multiple grades can be sorted together, Which helps to achieve maximum outcome.

Variety products

Multiple commodities can be sorted on the same machine

No Parameters Unchecked

Can sort based on defects along with size, colour, and other physical parameters

Information analysed

Size distribution

Major Defects

Colour distribution

Approximate weight of the samples

Location of the quality check

Time of inspection


Faster QC process

Faster procurement process

No subjectivity in quality determination

Implements traceability

Cloud storage of reports

Data dashboard for analytics

Technology used

Agrograde uses a combination of custom built computer vision and machine learning algorithms deployed on cloud for fast and accurate identification and classification of various parameters. Our machine learning models are trained over a vast dataset which helps us provide accurate and reliable results for tomatoes. Our technology processes images of multiple samples within a few minutes thus helping users take faster data driven decisions.

3 Steps Quality Check

1. Capture Image

2. Upload To Cloud

3. Get Instant Quality Report